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Welcoming children of all backgrounds, our programs are grounded in a faith-filled environment where children hear religious stories and learn

age-appropriate prayers. Enrollment can be full or part-time, and is offered on a flexible schedule that meets the needs of each child and family. Program placement is determined by birth date.



Our infant room is a safe and loving environment for children from approximately two months to one year of age. Infants eat and sleep on an “on demand” schedule. In addition to getting plenty of tummy time and hands-on cuddle time, children participate in activities that enhance their senses such as sorting games, story time, exercise, and outdoor time.


Toddlers to Twos

In the toddlers to twos rooms, children approximately one to two years old express their ideas and feelings through creative experiences. Their program, which adheres to the State of Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards, includes daily circle time, music, arts, math, science, and discovery. Both indoor and outdoor physical activities are provided to encourage the development of fine and gross motor skills.


Threes, Fours, and Fives

The daily schedule for this age group includes literacy, math, science, music, art, introduction to religion, and activities that enhance fine and gross motor skills and the development of social skills.  Children are offered free play time and structured activities both indoors and outdoors as they are prepared for entry into kindergarten.  The program reinforces the State of Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards and the Archdiocesan prescribed preschool curriculum.

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